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    ACA encourages an active mode of study

    Learn to Move – Exploring the Links Between Physical and Mental learning for an Active Mode of Study.

    At Active Coding Academies, our philosophy, as a responsible coding academy, is to ensure our students engage in a healthy, well-balanced, active mode of study. In this post, our Admissions & Recruitment Officer Cristina Ion explains why it can be beneficial to learning to explore the link between physical activity and mental capacity.

    Mens sana in corpore sano is a thousands of years old concept, but somehow we still have difficulties integrating it into our learning process. There are not many areas that prove so resistant to change and progress as education. Although research that highlights the link between focus and movement is abundant the predominant educational model is still “sit and git”.

    The most complex part of our brain it the cerebellum, it takes up less than one tenth volume of our brain but it contains more than half of its neurons. This densely packed structure is a centre of command that regulates attention, memory and spatial perception. Amazingly, the same part of the brain responsible with learning processes it’s also responsible with processing movement.

    The case for integrating movement and learning is growing with more teachers throughout the world adopting these methods and observing progress and the benefits. Not only do short intensely active periods improve blood flow and oxygen levels to the brain but also trains the body to handle stress by acclimating with bursts of adrenaline.

    Although a holistic approach to integration between body and mind is still far away we are making great strides towards this goal. Let’s make this journey fun and filled with adventures!