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    A Day in the Life

    My first day at Active Coding Academies


    After a great first nights sleep I woke up at 7am, which was good as it means I could make full use out of the day and get in as much as possible. There was time to chat to my new friends and spend some time in the common room areas before heading down to get breakfast at 7:30am. There is a lot of choice for breakfast from cereal and yoghurt to a nice selection of hot food. From breakfast, it was time for the first Rise and Shine of the summer. This was a fun, energetic exercise that got everyone jumping around and motivated for the day ahead. It certainly woke me up!

    Once we had finished up with the rise and shine activity, I made my way through the campus with the rest of my mates to the classrooms to begin our first coding lesson. To start off with we used Python which was an easy coding language to use especially with the help of the instructors who were always there for me. At first, I found it weird having to type commands on a black screen to make things work especially when I made a few silly spelling mistakes. How did people ever manage without a mouse? Some of the commands were pretty cool though and we even learned a command to run a program to watch an animated Star Wars movie in our command terminal that I can't wait to show my friends back home.

    As much as I enjoyed my first coding lesson, I was really excited to head to the gym to have a go on the climbing wall. Climbing was something I had never done before so wanted a chance to experience it straight away. I was first up on the climbing wall. It was a little nerve-wracking but I was excited and wanted to show everyone that I could do it. I managed to get all the way to the top of the wall thanks to a lot of support from my instructor and the rest of the class.  

    After a fun day of classes we had a little bit of free time to enjoy. I decided to explore some more of the campus with a few others then play some pool in the common room area

    In this class we were introduced to Java, something I hadn't realised is already running on my phone and powering the Android operating system as well as being used on almost all devices we use at home, even in our washing machine and our car! We used it to simulate a rocket ship launch. Working in small teams we all had to have an input to help towards the launch. It was a great chance to work on a project together in class and the idea for the activity was very enjoyable.

    After the coding class it was time to head down to the football pitch. It was great to do some running around and with lots of other people choosing it, we were able to get a good game running. We started off with shooting drills before playing a mini tournament at the end. It was useful to be coached by someone who plays the sport and to have fun whilst competing in the games.

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    At 4pm I had my last coding workshop and it was the best of the day. We began a team project that we will work on throughout the course of the summer. I can’t wait to have something I’ve completed from scratch that I can take away and remember from my time at Strathallan. To have the chance to use different coding languages and develop my skills in each, is a great opportunity.

    As the night approached and the day of activity was almost over, 5pm signalled dinner time. Everyone gathered at the dining hall for a delicious dinner. It’s good to be able to chat to friends and take our time at meal times so we can get ready for the next part of the day. Before our evening activity at 7pm, I had one hour of free time to do whatever I wanted. I got to know a kid called Liam who also has a keen interest in Minecraft, so we played that for a while and started building a village. We agreed we would complete the village when we have time over the next week.

    The whole camp gathered together in the theatre for our first fun filled night of evening activity. To mark the opening night, we were treated to a Superhero themed disco with lots of great music and dancing. It was a great chance to have a laugh with other kids and see everyone’s improvised superhero costumes!

    After a great time at the disco and as the night got darker, we headed off to the dining hall for supper and a chance to discuss everything that happened during the day. The staff were very interested in how my first day went, asking what I enjoyed most and what I achieved.

    From the dining hall to the dorms, it was almost time for bed. It was lights out at 10:15pm so I read for a little before falling asleep fairly quickly. Ready for day two!