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    ACA Summer Programme

    Here at Active Coding Academies we have created an exciting, diverse programme that offers up to 20 different activities throughout the summer. Our schedule allows you, the student to participate in a competitive and fun nature, based on what you want to achieve. There are no specific skill requirements at Active Coding Academies meaning students can feel comfortable taking part in activities they may not be used to doing.

    Before diving into outdoor activities, you will need to choose your preferred daily options for the week ahead. This is completed on the day of arrival, once everyone is settled in and orientation has began. A choice of three activities will be available each day and your daily routine will consist of two of these, dependant on what you prefer. Each day, there will be a different selective trio to opt for. Once these options have been decided, you are ready to go for week one! At the beginning of week two, the same activity selection process will take place, giving you the chance to re-shape your schedule for the next seven days. If you decide to step out of your comfort zone or want to stick with the same classes, that’s great too! Our instructors are easily adaptable and always coming up with new ways to deliver lessons.

    We believe strongly in progressing our students and avoiding repetition of lessons, that’s why we work with a skill development system that awards students new levels of ability as they continue to achieve! One thing we are sure of, is that there is something for everyone at ACA!

    Every day during the summer is different, whether it’s a progression of a class or a completely different activity altogether, variety is in abundance. There are five educational periods a day, that are delivered with the intention to excite. Three classes in coding where students will utilise teamwork, working in groups to deliver a finished piece they can all be proud of, as well as individual projects allowing them to exercise their own creative freedom. The other two will come from outdoor lessons chosen from our long list of available activities. Evening activities are mostly non-educational allowing students the chance to interact creatively and socially.

    Despite students being separated by gender in terms of residency, they will be able to take part in both coding lessons and outdoor activities together, providing both boys and girls the same daily activity opportunities. Multiple facilities ensure that we are able to deal with high volumes of participants in each class, enabling us to group students by age to provide a balance of skill in each activity. Students are not confined to their dormitory friend group but have the chance to socialise with everyone during free time, lessons and in the dining hall during meals. Our older students can develop their leadership skills as they are encouraged to act as positive role models for the younger age groups.